Best Trending Technologies To Learn In 2024

Trending Technologies

If you’ve been considering a career switch in the IT profession because of trending technologies change but isn’t sure which path to take ,you’ve reached the right place! Gladly accept to the list of the Top 10 Trending Technologies to Master in 2024.

Best Trending Technologies
Best Trending Technologies

Technology has progressed by significant amounts over the past 60 years. We’ve gone a long way from the a one-ton device that could store 3.5 MB of information (IBM 350) to a Memory card that can hold 2 Terabytes of information and weighing approximately only 2 grammes.

Transformation is one thing that has remained static throughout this time. Trending Technologies change each 2-3 years, and it is critical for a professional working in the tech sector to stay current in order to quickly advance up the career ladder!

So, following are the trending technologies for 2024

Hyper Automation

Hyper Automation is use of different systems, including such artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision, and automated systems including robotic process automation (RPA), to optimise as many business operations as feasible.

As according business wire, 70% of RPA experts believe their organisation will employ more programmers in the coming year. Thus according Forbes, the adoption of AI in very many business areas has increased by 270% during the last 4 years.


Blockchain was a catchword for several years. Most people believe that Blockchain’s applications are restricted to digital currencies.

However, trying to compare virtual currencies to Block – chain is akin to claiming that cell phones should only be used to make phone calls. Blockchain is now being used in sectors such as healthcare, insurance, and financial services, among others. In fact, popular games such as Axie Infinity are now employing Blockchain!

As according Delloite’s Global Survey, 45 percent of starting to emerge challengers have already implemented block chain technology.


Snowflake is a cloud – based data storage facility that collects information from various application, facilities, and computing portals. What distinguishes Snowflake is its capacity to scale computing power and storage individually! Snowflake has over 4,900 consumers, which include 212 of the Fortune 500, and there are thousands of jobs accessible on recruitment sites. In India, the average wage for a Snowflake Data warehousing Engineer is 15 lac annually, while in the United States, it is 125,000 dollars annually.

Edge Computing

Edge computing is one of a great trending technologies. It is the practise of catching, storing, computation, and analysing data close to the client, rather than in a centralised data-processing warehouse.

According to IDC, the worldwide edge computing market will amount to $250 billion by 2024. A cloud engineer’s yearly basis salary in the USA ranges from 104,000 to 147,000 dollars. In India, it starts at 12 LPA and also can reach 30 LPA.

As per, there really are 130,000 open positions for Cloud Engineers in the United States. There are over 30,000 Cloud Engineer jobs available in India.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is a type of data data analysis that uses historical data and analytics methods including such statistical modelling, deep learning, and business analytics to forecast future consequences.

As according Forbes, the data science sector will expand at a rate of about 28% per year through 2026. As according Gartner, 70% of organisations will be using predictive analytics through 2025.

In the United States, the annual salary on average for a Data Analyst is 111,000 dollars; in India, the annual salary on average for a Data Analyst is 11 lakhs.


Trending Technologies can provide immense significant economic benefits, but they can also result in significant modifications for employees. IT and automation have the potential to alter the way people work by enhancing or substituting workers in particular tasks. This has the potential to shift the demand for certain types of human labour, eliminating some jobs while creating new ones. Information Technology and the American Workforce investigates the interrelations between technical, financial, as well as societal patterns and identify possible near-term changes in the workplace.

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