Latest 3Ps Of Marketing: Introduction with Best Explanation

Introduction to the 3Ps of Marketing:

The Latest 3Ps of Marketing are People, Personalization and Privacy. The usage, gathering, and management of data have seen the most significant changes in marketing over the past year. It’s time to cease referring to price, place, and promotion as the be-all and end-all of marketing, especially in light of the significant trend toward centralizing the customer during the past few years. More modifications are introduced just as we think we have a handle on using data-driven strategies for price, position, and promotion. What is the state of data and marketing in 2019? How can we best get ready for status quo disruption?

Latest 3Ps of Marketing
           Latest 3Ps of Marketing


Consumer data collection and use have come under intense scrutiny as a result of GDPR fines, Cambridge Analytica, the California Consumer Privacy Act, and the impending privacy regulation. This attention has made privacy and data control top of mind for individuals as well as for enterprises. According to the State of the Connected Customer report from last year, 59% of customers think a security breach could compromise their personal information, and 54% of customers don’t think businesses are looking out for their best interests.

  1. People

One of the 3Ps of Marketing is People. One thing has not changed despite the great advances in technology, such as self-driving cars and watches that can speak with our doctors: we still sell goods and services to humans, not to computers or other machines.

By 2020, it’s expected that each of us will own ten connected gadgets, posing a significant new issue for marketers: figuring out how to reach the single person operating many devices.

Marketers must still provide the appropriate experience at the appropriate moment to each individual customer, regardless of the device they are using, in this ostensibly fragmented user environment. Many different data points from different sources need to be connected in order to make the consumer again appear as a real person rather than a haphazard collection of touch points.

  1. Personalization

3Ps of Marketing include Personalization. Customers should be treated as individuals or they will leave. This need is supported by the findings of the Salesforce State of Marketing Report, which demonstrate that 88% of consumers and 79% of customers, respectively, are eager to provide data in exchange for personalized offers and contextualized engagement.

There are two problems that marketers must solve. Considering that only 47% of marketers claim to have a fully unified view of all customer data sources, one might first wonder how a brand could provide a personalized service with such scant data.

Second, how can marketers interact with customers in a way that is both relevant and engaging without becoming intrusive? When does interaction turn into a privacy violation? After all, there are creepy and personal.

3Ps of Marketing are providing best Solution to the modern demands of modern era.

  1. Privacy

Privacy is an integral point of 3Ps of Marketing. Increasing consumer demands for privacy, trust, and openness are giving rise to new economic imperatives. Consumers are regaining control over the data that firms historically held about them and demanding that it be handled with the integrity it merits.

Additionally, we must have procedures in place to build consumer trust in order to exploit that valuable data. This begins with informed permission, which entails more than just checking a box on a website; rather, it requires clear explanations in user-friendly language of how data will be gathered and used.

This frequently entails going above and above what is demanded by law or accepted practices in the sector, however only 44% of marketers would claim to accomplish this.


There it is, the Marketing expansion that has altered the idea forever. Product, Price and Promotion. The Product, whether it’s a touchable or imperceptible product, is your product. Know your product. Hence, The Latest 3Ps of Marketing are People, Personalization and Privacy. The Price, without the price, is unrestricted and why are we debating marketing? And Promotion the power to market your invention to the masses.

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